Largest full service
law firm in India

Illustrious legacy of
104 years

Received several awards - for outstanding performance

- at the forefront of innovation in legal sector in India

Prarambh India’s 1st Legal
Tech Incubator

Diversity - we strive to be
diverse & inclusive
employer of choice

Largest full service law firm in India

Bench Strength – width and depth of expertise

This will include lawyers’ specializations, rankings and bands, awards, experience (transactions – landmark firsts etc.) Ex-regulators presence in CAM – experience and specialization which help think from the Regulators point. Not something other firms have. It gives CAM an edge in arriving at practical solutions Sector Specialization – newest practices that are keeping up with emerging sectors of New India Inc. like Startup practices, Aviation, Technology, Data, etc. Size of bench to deal with large transactions across Practices – Full service law firm in reality


Go-to firm for complex, first-of-its-kind and landmarks deals

league table

Leading legal directories have recognised and awarded our practices and lawyers

ai tech

Use of AI and Technology for Delivery

  • First of its kind client university model
  • Offering Ahead of the Curve intelligence & know-how for upskilling our clients
  • Successfully completed two batches of 30 each last year
  • India’s first legal tech incubator at a law firm
  • Nurturing and encouraging domestic talent to become world leader in legal technology design and development
  • Mentoring startups throughout the lifecycle and guiding them to commercial success
  • An initiative that empowers every member of the firm to drive innovation
  • Encourages collaboration, risk-taking and Ahead of the Curve thinking

Values and Purpose

Our Core Values are the 3Cs, and they lay the foundation for all our thoughts and actions.

  • Character – be fair, do the right thing
  • Competence – be extraordinary, use technical brilliance with emotional intelligence
  • Commitment – be dependable, take ownership of the large purpose

Producing the Finest Lawyers for a Just World.

We are a purpose-driven firm that focusses on what we can bring to society – which is greater than the balance sheet and corporate ambition

About Our People

Our lawyers have an unmatched combination of academic pedigree, technical skills and diligence, advising on the most complex business transactions and contentious matters.

This is fuelled further by the Firm’s leadership through investment in continuous learning and development of our people to help them flourish and keep themselves Ahead of the Curve. We are committed to providing a safe, healthy workplace and have actively promoted initiatives that have a positive and holistic impact on everyone who works at cam –  such as mental wellbeing, safety & securities, maternity support, zero tolerance on POSH & bullying matters and many more.

Gender Diversity

We are an equal opportunity employer and have a zero-tolerance policy towards any bias or discrimination on the basis of gender or religion. At cam, we have a firm focus on nurturing and promoting diversity and inclusivity.


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